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Counselling is a talking therapy where you can discuss and explore what is troubling you. My aim is to offer you a place to feel heard, understood and valued in a confidential, non-judgmental environment, giving you the time and space to talk through whatever is troubling you, which may bring a shift in your life in relation to yourself and others.

My approaches to counselling:

Person Centred works by building a therapeutic relationship where you are able to gain a sense of personal power, identifying how you want to live and then supporting you to achieve your goals.

Psychodynamic works by helping individuals unravel their past through their perceptions of their experience and how they influence you in the present.

Transactional Analysis is a comprehensive approach which incorporates aspects of humanistic, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic therapy. It categorises the human personality into three states – Parent, Adult and Child, which can help you understand how you interact with others

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Works by examining the ways that thought, feeling and behaviour can affect you and how these can influence our actions. We work together in changing thinking and or behaviour patterns.

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